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As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • Christian Hypocrites Excuse
    Christian Hypocrites Excuse
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on another excuse people give for not becoming a Christian: 'Christians put me off, they're judgemental hypocrites.'

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  • HCC 3
    HCC 3
    Keith Mooney concludes our triology on the 'Holy Catholic Church' by suggesting Christians need to look at what abilities we have rather than those we don't have, to serve and glorify God.

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  • I'm Too Busy
    I'm Too Busy
    Keith Mooney looks at the excuse "I'm too busy" which a lot of people give for not taking time to consider Jesus.

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  • HCC 2
    HCC 2
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about the Christian's need to serve God, serve one another in Christ and to serve the unbelieving world. 'Love God, love one another and love your neighbour'

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  • 'I've Too Much To Lose'
    'I've Too Much To Lose'
    Mark Tatty Gordon looks at another excuse people give for not becoming Christians, and excuse that is often dressed up in other language.

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  • Holy Catholic Church (1)
    Holy Catholic Church (1)
    Keith Mooney speaks about the unity of the Holy Catholic Church and every born again Christian's responsibility to love and serve another in Christ.

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  • Religion Excuse
    Religion Excuse
    Keith Mooney looks at how people use, "I have my own religion" as an excuse for not becoming a Christian.

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  • Children's Day
    Children's Day
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on Shiloh's 'Children's Day' about the need to stay connected to Jesus.

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  • I'm Too Bad To Be Forgiven
    I'm Too Bad To Be Forgiven
    In the third of our 'Know Jesus or No Jesus, What's Your Excuse', Mark Tatty Gordon looks at the excuse 'I'm too bad to be forgiven' and shows it is what it is, only an excuse.

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  • Christian Living Holy Spirit
    Christian Living Holy Spirit
    Keith Mooney finishes our 'Christian Living with the help of the Holy Spirit' series looking at our call to live in holy conduct and godliness, in a state of readiness as we await the return of the Lord.

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