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As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • TSC 6
    TSC 6
    Keith Mooney speaks about the birth of Jesus as the fulfilment of the promise 'Til Shiloh Comes.'

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  • Return 13
    Return 13
    Keith Mooney speaks about the return of Jesus from Titus 2v11-15.

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  • TSC 5
    TSC 5
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on the 'Magnificat' / 'Song of Mary' and shows how God is always true to His word.

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  • Return 12
    Return 12
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about what happens when a Christian dies and tells how the Apostle Paul makes clear, when Jesus returns those believers who died will return with Him.

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  • TSC 4
    TSC 4
    In the fourth message of our series 'Til' Shiloh Comes, Keith Mooney looks at the visit by the angel Gabriel to Mary in Nazareth.

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  • Return 11
    Return 11
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks from Revelation 22 and warns people that the condition they are in when either death comes or Jesus returns, will be the condition they will remain in for all eternity. 

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  • TSC 3
    TSC 3
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks from the prophet Malachi and shows how Israel were to watch out for two messengers from God.

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  • Return 10
    Return 10
    Denise Robotham continues our series 'The Return of the Man Who Never Came Back' looking at Revelation 21, suggesting God wants to give us much more than freedom from aches and pains etc, much more than heaven as we think we know it.

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  • TSC 2
    TSC 2
    Keith Mooney speaks about Isaiah's prophecy on the birth of Jesus and shows how this is in line with Jacob's blessing ' Til Shiloh Comes'.

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  • Remembrance Service 2018
    Remembrance Service 2018
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks at Shiloh's annual Remembrance Service.

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