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As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • Celebration Service 2019
    Celebration Service 2019
    On this anniversary celebration Mark Tatty Gordon speaks from Psalm 133.

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  • WSB 41
    WSB 41
    Mark Tatty Gordon concludes his series of messages on Jesus as our Intercessor before the Father.

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  • There is Hope (Final)
    There is Hope (Final)
    Mark Tatty Gordon brings to a close our series on 'There is Hope' by once again showing only those who trust in Jesus have an assured hope and can confidently expect it to be realised.

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  • WSB 40 Intercession
    WSB 40 Intercession
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on Jesus' role as One who sits at the Father's right hand 'ever living to make intercession for us.'

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  • WSB 39 Reconciliation
    WSB 39 Reconciliation
    Mark Tatty Gordon explains what is meant by Jesus in His priestly ministry reconciling us with God.

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  • There is Hope 11
    There is Hope 11
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on another theme about hope in this hopeless world.

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  • WSB 38 Sacrifice
    WSB 38 Sacrifice
    In one of Jesus' four functions as a Priest, (Mediation - Sacrifice - Reconciliation - Intercession) Mark Tatty Gordon looks at His Sacrifice and asks, "Whose sacrifice was Jesus?" 

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  • There is Hope (10)
    There is Hope (10)
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about the 'Luckiest No-Hoper Living.' (Acknowledging Rev Philip Ryken for the inspiration)

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  • WSB 37 Mediator
    WSB 37 Mediator
    Mark Tatty Gordon continues looking at the 'eternal role of Jesus as Prophet, Priest and King' and shows how as our Great High Priest, Jesus mediates for us.

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  • There Is Hope 9
    There Is Hope 9
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about the work of God's angels, as His 'ministering spirits' who can bring hope to those appointed to inherit salvation.

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