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As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • Thief Final
    Thief Final
    Mark Tatty Gordon ends the series 'Watch Out! There's A Thief About. Is Satan Robbing You?' by showing how Satan lies to people telling them Jesus was not raised again from the dead. 

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  • WSB 16
    WSB 16
    Mark Tatty Gordon brings to a close the subject 'The Depraved and Fallen State of Mankind.'

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  • Thief 14
    Thief 14
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks a word of warning to Christians from 1 Peter 4 about Satan's wiles and schemes against them. We apologise for the poor quality of this podcast.

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  • WSB 15
    WSB 15
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about the Christian's conflict against 'foes within and without' and tells how Christians must cultivate a Jesus centred life.

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  • Thief 13
    Thief 13
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about addiction being another means by which Satan robs God of glory and people of life.

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  • WSB 14
    WSB 14
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on 'The Depraved and Fallen State of Mankind' about sin and the 'Fifth Columnist' within every believer.

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  • Thief 12
    Thief 12
    Continuing in our series, 'What Out. There's a Thief About! Is Satan Robbing You?' Keith Mooney speaks about Paul's letter to Philemon and how Philemon's runaway slave was being returned to him as a free man.

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  • WSB 13
    WSB 13
    Mark Tatty Gordon continues to look at 'The Depraved and Fallen State of Mankind' and explains how God does something wonderful to enable His people (those who trust in Jesus) to fight the good fight against Satan and sin.

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  • Thief 11
    Thief 11
    Mark Tatty Gordon shows how Satan robs God of glory by searing people's consciences to the truth of God's word.

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  • WSB 12
    WSB 12
    Keith Mooney continues to focus on the 'Depraved and Fallen State of Mankind' in our What Shiloh Believes series. This week Keith looks at King David's confession of his sin before God. (Psalm 51)

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