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As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • Provoke Each Other
    Provoke Each Other
    Dave Rainey looks at how the body of believers is called to forbear with, edify and provoke one another.

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  • Dead Places Nightclubs
    Dead Places Nightclubs
    Keith Mooney continues our series on "Looking for Life? Avoid these Dead Places" and speaks about nightclubs and festivals as dead places if you think you can find life there.

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  • Psalm 45
    Psalm 45
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on Psalm 45 and the need to fix our eyes on Jesus.

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  • One Thing Needed (2)
    One Thing Needed (2)
    Dr John Kelly continues his theme on 'Being Filled with the Holy Spirit.'

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  • Dead Places Churches
    Dead Places Churches
    Peter Turtle gave a humourous but important insight into why people looking for life in churches (religion) won't find it.

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  • One Thing Needed
    One Thing Needed
    Dr John Kelly speaks on the subject of being continually filled with the Holy Spirit as the one thing needed for every believer.

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  • Charities
    In the second of our series on 'Looking for Life? Avoid these Dead Places,' Dave Rainey explains that doing good, being charitable may make us feel good but it does not bring life.  

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  • Pentecost Sunday
    Pentecost Sunday
    On this Pentecost Sunday, Mark Tatty Gordon shows how the Holy Spirit enables, equips and empowers believers and unbelievers.

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  • Dead Places The Bank
    Dead Places The Bank
    Keith Mooney begins this series on 'Looking for Life? Avoid these Dead Places' and shows money cannot bring you life.  

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  • Plastic Jesus
    Plastic Jesus
    Mark Tatty Gordon coninues the series on 'Being seated with Christ in heavenly places' and says if we don't get this focus right we could end up relying upon a Plastic Jesus.'  

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