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Churches in Bangor - Shiloh Christian Fellowship - Videos / Podcasts
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Videos / Podcasts

As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • FGAADG Shirley Moore
    FGAADG Shirley Moore
    Tonight Shirley Moore gave her testimony to God's grace in her life, and what a testimony it was. (Followed by a short message from Keith Mooney)

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  • Know Your Enemy
    Know Your Enemy
    As we continue our brief look at Spiritual Warfare, Mark Tatty Gordon tells us we need to 'Know Our Enemy.' Satan is real, the battle is real and raging and we need to know whom we are called to resist.

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  • FGAADG Julie Anderson
    FGAADG Julie Anderson
    In the last month of our series 'Following God Aint All Doom And Gloom' we are hearing women's testimonies on how this was true for them. Tonight was the turn of Julie Anderson who gave an honest synopsis of her life before and after coming to know Jesus.

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  • Knowing What Spiritual Warfare Is
    Knowing What Spiritual Warfare Is
    During August our Sunday morning series is on the subject 'Spiritual Warfare.' Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about the Christian's need to understand something about spiritual warfare.

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  • FGAADG 14
    FGAADG 14
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on 'Relying on the Holy Spirit' who helps us to see it's not all doom and gloom to following God.

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  • Doing the works of Jesus
    Doing the works of Jesus
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on how Christian's should be doing the works of Jesus and even greater works.

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  • FGAADG 13
    FGAADG 13
    Keith Mooney speaks on the saying "I'd give my right arm for that" and shows how Christians need to look to Jesus and walk in  His shadow.

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  • Beautiful Feet and Boots
    Beautiful Feet and Boots
    Mark Tatty Gordon tells Christians we all have 'beautiful feet' to bring good news, and none of us should be afraid of getting our boots dirty.

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  • FGAADG 12
    FGAADG 12
    Mark Tatty Gordon looks at the promise of Jesus to accompany the preached 'Good Message' with supernatural signs.

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  • Die with your boots on
    Die with your boots on
    Keith Mooney looks at Isaiah 52v7-10 descibing the Christian life as running through the trenches of war declaring good news. He says to every Christian, "If you're going to die, die with your boots on!"

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