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Churches in Bangor - Shiloh Christian Fellowship - Videos / Podcasts
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Videos / Podcasts

As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • NOC 8 Benefit Cheats
    NOC 8 Benefit Cheats
    Tonight in our 'Nailing our Colours to the Cross' series the subject was: 'Benefit Cheats' and Mark Tatty Gordon gave God's word on this matter.

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  • Jesus: Son of God
    Jesus: Son of God
    Keith Mooney gives a personal insight into the title Jesus Son of God and shows how as a Son Jesus reflected His Father's glory.

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  • NOC 7 Occult / Fortune Telling
    NOC 7 Occult / Fortune Telling
    Keith Mooney gives a powerful message on the occult and associated practices, warning people dabbling with this always has consequences.

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  • Jesus Man of Sorrows
    Unfortunately our normal podcast recording failed this morning. You can see the video of this morning's message by following the link to Facebook: shiloh christian fellowship.

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  • NOC 6 Once Saved Always Saved
    NOC 6 Once Saved Always Saved
    Keith Mooney looks at the controversial issue 'Once Saved Always Saved' in our 'Nailing Our Colours to the Cross' series.

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  • Jesus Great High Priest
    Jesus Great High Priest
    Mark Tatty Gordon looks at the title High Priest given to Jesus and sees how the 'garments for glory and beauty' the High Priest of Israel wore all pointed to Jesus. ** In this message Tatty mistakenly says the High Priest had "a rope tied around his neck" to allow him to be extracted from the Holy of Holies had he been struck dead before God. When pointed out to Tatty, he laughed and said it may have been a freudian slip. What he meant to say was, 'a rope was tied around the High Priest's ankl

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  • NOC 5 Euthanasia Suicide
    NOC 5 Euthanasia Suicide
    Keith Mooney speaks on this very emotive and sensitive issue, explaining it is God who gives and Who takes away life. 

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  • Jesus Lamb of God
    Jesus Lamb of God
    Mark Tatty Gordon looks at another title given to Jesus - 'Lamb of God' and shows why John the Baptist called Him this.

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  • NOC 4 Paramilitaries
    NOC 4 Paramilitaries
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks God's word regarding 'Paramilitaries' in our 'Nailing Our Colours to the Cross' series.

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  • Jesus,
    Jesus, "Jesus"
    Keith Mooney looks at the name 'Jesus' showing how important His name is and tells how we should respect it.

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