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As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • Approaching Baptism
    Approaching Baptism
    Keith Mooney looks at the significance of baptism and how repentance is God given, without which no one should be baptised.

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  • FGAADG 8
    FGAADG 8
    Mark Tatty Gordon shows how Satan's boast of ruling better than God is wrong. Satan hates Christians because we are subjects of God's rule and not his.

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  • Go into the world
    Go into the world
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on approaching others with the gospel, telling how we have been commissioned to 'Go and make disciples'; but we have a Helper and One who is with us always.

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  • FGAADG 7
    FGAADG 7
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about the truth the prophet of God Elisha knew: 'Greater are they who are for us, than those who are against us.'

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  • Depending on the Holy Spirit
    Depending on the Holy Spirit
    David Rainey looks at how Christians approach God and from their relationship with him, receive the Holy Spirit who enables them to go out to others with God's Good News. Just like Jesus, Christians need to learn to depend upon the Holy Spirit.

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  • FGAADG 6
    FGAADG 6
    David Rainey speaks about the prophet Elisha's servant Gehazi's 'mistake' in taking a payment from Naaman who was cleansed of his leprosy. He got more than he bargained for.

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  • Holy Spirit Sheds Light
    Holy Spirit Sheds Light
    Keith Mooney speaks briefly on the Holy Spirit, represented in the tabernacle by the Lampstand, because He (Holy Spirit) is the One who sheds light on the things of God.

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  • FGAADG 5
    FGAADG 5
    Keith Mooney speaks about Naaman's healing and shows the grace and mercy of God toward those who humbly come to him.

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  • Dwelling in the Presence of God
    Dwelling in the Presence of God
    Mark Tatty Gordon declares God desires that we draw near to him, because he loves us dwelling in his presence.

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  • FGAADG 4
    FGAADG 4
    God has a plan in everything, even sickness. Mark Tatty Gordon looks at how following God ain't all doom and gloom as far as sickness is concerned.

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