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As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • WSB 47 His Second Coming
    WSB 47 His Second Coming
    Mark Tatty Gordon begins looking at the next section of Shiloh's Statement of Faith 'His Second Coming' and seeks to encourage Christians to get excited about this truth again and help unbelievers to understand it is an event that is going to take place.

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  • New Year Evening 5/1/2020
    New Year Evening 5/1/2020
    Mark Tatty Gordon brings a word of encouragement for the start of the New Year showing 3 things people can do to ensure their most important resolutions are kept.

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  • New Year 2020
    New Year 2020
    Mark Tatty Gordon begins the New year with a message to inspire believers to take the small steps of faith in 2020.

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  • 'God Showed Up' Final
    'God Showed Up' Final
    In the last of our Decemeber series 'God Showed Up' Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about what those who believe in Jesus actually receive.

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  • WSB 46 King Final
    WSB 46 King Final
    Mark Tatty Gordon brings to an end the role of Jesus as King in our 'What Shiloh Believes' series.

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  • God Showed Up 4
    God Showed Up 4
    Mark Tatty Gordon talks about the 'wise Men' who came to bring gifts to Jesus in Bethlehem.

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  • WSB 45 King 4
    WSB 45 King 4
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaking on Jesus' Kingly role looks at what is meant by He 'restrains & conquers all His & our enemies.'

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  • God Showed Up 3
    God Showed Up 3
    This week Mark Tatty Gordon looks at the visitation by the angels to the shepherds out on the hills near Bethlehem.

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  • WSB 44 King 2
    WSB 44 King 2
    Jesus 'rules and defends' but how does he do this and what does it means for believers. Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on the second part of 'Jesus the King.'

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  • God Showed Up 2
    God Showed Up 2
    In the second of our 'God Showed Up' series for December, Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about the angel Gabriel's appearance to Mary.

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