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As we make these podcasts available, we would encourage people to respond to what they hear and give us your comments. 

Our aim is to glorify God through the proclamation of his truth. 

  • WSB 37 Mediator
    WSB 37 Mediator
    Mark Tatty Gordon continues looking at the 'eternal role of Jesus as Prophet, Priest and King' and shows how as our Great High Priest, Jesus mediates for us.

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  • There Is Hope 9
    There Is Hope 9
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks about the work of God's angels, as His 'ministering spirits' who can bring hope to those appointed to inherit salvation.

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  • WSB 36 Priest 1
    WSB 36 Priest 1
    Looking at Jesus' eternal role as Prophet, Priest and King, Mark Tatty Gordon begins looking at Jesus' ministry as a Priest.

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  • Peter Turtle & Denise Robotham
    Due to a technical problem both services on Sunday 13th October failed to record, however both services have been recorded on Shiloh's Facebook Page. 

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  • There is Hope 8 (Jehoshaphat)
    There is Hope 8 (Jehoshaphat)
    Mark Tatty Gordon looks at one event in the life of King Jehoshaphat that shows there is hope for all trust in Jesus.

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  • WSB 35 Prophet 2
    WSB 35 Prophet 2
    Mark Tatty Gordon finishes the second part of Jesus' role as eternal Prophet!

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  • There Is Hope (7)
    There Is Hope (7)
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on 'Familiarity Breeds Contempt' but shows how Jesus still brings Hope.

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  • WSB 34 Eternal Prophet
    WSB 34 Eternal Prophet
    Mark Tatty Gordon takes us into the next doctrine in Shiloh's Statement of Faith as part of our  'What Shiloh Believes' series. This week begins our look at Jesus and 'His eternal role as Prophet, Priest and King'.

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  • There is Hope (6)
    There is Hope (6)
    Mark Tatty Gordon speaks on Jesus' words from Isaiah 61, and shows how Jesus is the 'Hope of the World'.

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  • WSB 33
    WSB 33
    In the final message on the doctrine 'The bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead', Mark Tatty Gordon explains why the Christian's salvation depends on this very important Biblical truth.

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